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Jan 31, 20223 min read is the first startup from @ronatory in the 24 Startup in 24 Months challenge.

It gives users the opportunity to create a simple remote job profile with few informations:

-a profile picture

-the first name or nickname

-the job categories

-a description of what skills someone can provide in a continuous text without any formatting

-a contact mail

Other users who are interested in contacting talents can search them via a full text search of the descriptions and filtering of the job categories. Users can visit the profile detail view of talents and can contact them via the "Reveal Contact Email" button. To reveal a contact email a user needs to spend 1 credit. Right now they are three different one time pricing plans available:

-BASIC ($19 for 5 credits)

-PRO ($49 for 20 credits)

-PREMIUM ($99 for 50 credits)

Highlighted Pages:

Talent Overview/Landing Page/Search
Profile Detail View

Tech Stack Notes:

-Digital Ocean for hosting everything

-Next.js for frontend

-Nest.js for backend

-Graphql for querying data

-PostgreSQL as database

-Tailwind.css for styling

-Stripe for payment

-Github for code repository and deployment

I might consider using a different tech stack for the next startup just to have my own personal comparison. I will give Ruby on Rails (from HELLO WORLD to IPO) a try.

If you like, you can upvote it via Product Hunt 🚀

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