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May 09, 20224 min read

Updatestream is the fourth startup from @sonnypgs in the 24 Startup in 24 Months challenge.


Updatestream is a tool which makes it easy to update your users about your product - may it be new versions of your product, upcoming features or simple changes. Keep your users in the loop. Updatestream provides a dashboard section, in which you may create and manage different projects and update posts.

Pricing Plans

A user can choose between 2 pricing plans at the moment:

-FREE (1 project included, 10 monthly update posts)

-PRO (10 projects included, unlimited update posts)


In the dashboard section of the app you'll be able to create and manage multiple projects of yours. Under a project you'll be able to create posts about your product updates. Every project has a unique URL which can be shared with your users and/or linked on your website.

Public Page

All the posts of a project are displayed on their own public page, for which a unique URL has been defined. Later on you'll even be able to link your custom domain.

Tech Stack

If you like Updatestream, you can upvote it via Product Hunt 🚀

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