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Feb 28, 20224 min read is the second startup from @ronatory in the 24 Startup in 24 Months challenge.

It shows a daily curated list of Web3 remote jobs from all around the web. These Web3 remote jobs are sorted in descending order by the creation date and are visible for 30 days on Users can subscribe to receive daily or weekly mails with new job posts.

A single job cell consists of the job title, the company, how many days passed since publish, the location, 5 tags at most and a an apply button which opens a new tab and redirects to the origin job post site where the user can apply.

Also featured job posts can exist which are fixed on top of the list and are highlighted with an indigo background. These job posts are also on top of search results when users are searching for a specific job post.

If a user clicks on a job cell the cell will expand and the job description will be revealed. The cell will collapse when the user clicks again in the top area or the bottom area of the job cell. If a job has no description then a click on the job cell will automatically redirect to the origin job post site.

If job cell is expanded and the description is shown an url will be generated for the job which is currently expanded. This url can be shared with others to just forward this one job only.

Users can search specific jobs via the search input where the title, company, location and description will be considered for the search. Also users can filter via the top most used tags section under the search input or via clicking on tags in the job cell.

New jobs can be submitted via the Post a Web3 Remote Job Page. The site can be accessed via the "Post a Job" button in the upper right corner of the landing page. Here the user needs to enter the title, company name, description (optional), up to 5 tags (optional), location and contact mail for the payment.

The user has three options for the type of job post.

-BASIC (30 days posted, not fixed on top for $69)

-FEATURED (30 days posted, highlighted, fixed on top and on top in search results for $99)

-PREMIUM (FEATURED + Crosspost via partner site as FEATURED SOCIAL JOB (Reach 8k+ talents))

Tech Stack Notes:

-Digital Ocean for hosting everything

-Next.js for frontend

-Nest.js for backend

-Graphql for querying data

-PostgreSQL as database

-Tailwind.css + Tailwind UI for styling

-Stripe for payment

-Github for code repository and deployment

I wrote in the first post that I might consider using a different stack and I tried Ruby On Rails (RoR). I tried using it for the first two weeks to create the page, but I realized that my progress is first of all slow compared to the JS Stack and that I still need to learn a lot when it comes to the advanced stuff of RoR, so I decided that I switch back to the stack where I can focus on building instead of learning the framework. So the last two weeks of the month I've built with the JS stack above and I will continue building with this stack for the upcoming startups to focus on building and creating. That doesn't mean I don't like RoR, but I still need time to learn a lot to get to the level I'm right now with the JS stack above. And right now I don't have the time for learning Advanced RoR. I just want to focus on building. Also what really helpful was this time, is that we bought the Complete Package of Tailwind UI which gave me personal a boost because of using provided components and saving time for creating specific UI components.

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