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Apr 05, 20222 min read is the third startup from @ronatory in the 24 Startup in 24 Months challenge.

It shows a daily curated list of NFT remote jobs from all around the web. These NFT remote jobs are sorted in descending order by the creation date and are visible for 30 days on Users can subscribe to receive daily or weekly mails with new job posts.

It's basically a clone of I was pretty lazy this month, but "Hey the domain was free" and I still want to ride somehow this Web3/NFT wave 😎 Just think of the quote:

"When Everybody Is Digging for Gold, It’s Good To Be in the Pick and Shovel Business"

So here I am with two Pick and Shovel businesses ( and 😁

But it was not only cloning I needed also to finish a feature from which I didn't finished in the second month. It was the feature to support the daily and weekly newsletter. So in the end I managed to implement the feature using ElasticEmail and the support of NestJS Task Scheduling(but I'm right now switching to Croner since NestJS Task Scheduling is using node-cron which is not well maintained anymore and causes cron jobs running twice even not using any cluster mode or something similar). So now the newsletter works for and also for

What I also did is to increase the PREMIUM price of a NFT Remote Job Post by $50, so that's $199 for a PREMIUM NFT Remote Job Post, because a Crosspost via the obvious partner site is included πŸ˜‰

The last two differences to is first that I needed to filter the job scraping to save only jobs which are related to NFT and second that I just changed the main color from indigo to pink πŸ₯° Thats it!

Tech Stack Notes:

-Digital Ocean for hosting everything

-Next.js for frontend

-Nest.js for backend

-Graphql for querying data

-PostgreSQL as database

-Tailwind.css + Tailwind UI for styling

-Stripe for payment

-Github for code repository and deployment

-ElasticEmail for the e-mail newsletter

If you like, you can upvote it via Product Hunt πŸš€

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